Maintenance Services

In an effort to provide the best service to our clients & their guests, we have implemented a “Maintenance Program” for vacation rental owners unable to take care of regular vacation rental maintenance services or upkeep. Preventative maintenance measures can be taken to insure major damages and costly repairs to the units are kept at a minimum, as well as provide safety for our guests.

Although it is difficult to itemize every maintenance issue, here is a basic list. Other items that arise may be added to this list and taken care of by Sun & Sage as requested by the owner.

Many of these items will be brought to our attention by our cleaning staff. Per our Rental Agreement, we will make the repairs and itemize them on your statement. We will communicate with owners on major issues or where extra expense might need to be incurred for repair or replacement of items in their unit. We will also coordinate contractors for major repairs.

The minimum fee for repair services are $50 + parts or for larger more time consuming repairs, $50/hour + parts. The same fee schedule applies to the Winterization,
Summer Set up or Security Checks, along with sprinkler system, window & carpet cleaning.

Winterization, Summer Set-up. Sprinkler System or Security Checks:

To request any of these services, please contact our office at 541-350-2481 or 503-312-6762

Summer set up:

Remove & store foam foundation covers;
BBQ’s – clean grill, replace igniters, burners, rocks &/or utensils as needed
fill & change 2 propane bottles as required;
Sweep deck & set out deck furniture;
Replace furnace filters.
Have windows cleaned.

Security Checks:

During periods of prolonged absence or non-use of your property, we will:
Walk the exterior of your home to make sure everything is okay;
Set/change interior lighting to come on randomly.
Exterior light fixtures – replace bulbs as needed.


Insert foam foundation covers, replace as needed;
Lubricate exterior locks as needed;
Store deck furniture as directed by owner;
Replace furnace filters;
Check all exterior lighting, replace bulbs as required.
Open cabinet doors on the exterior walls of house to allow heat to reach pipes.
Check that the thermostat is set correctly;
Have windows cleaned.

Sprinkler System:

Contact the proper service provider.

Spring – turn system on & checked or reset to owners specifications;

Fall – Have sprinkler system blown out.

Miscellaneous repairs:

  1. Replace batteries as needed in remotes, smoke/CO2 alarms, clocks.
  2. Repair towel, toilet paper holders and railings up stairwells.
  3. Replace outlet, cable and light switch plates.
  4. Reset icemakers.
  5. Touch up painting (not including cost of paint).
  6. Clean glass fireplace (repair is contracted).
  7. Minor drywall repair (not including materials).
  8. Minor tile and grout repair (not including materials).
  9. Replace light bulbs and check fixtures and sockets (repair is contracted).
  10. Replace window or sliding door screens (not including parts).
  11. Window cleaning recommend twice per year.
  12. Carpet cleaning as needed & requested.
  13. Other minor repairs that might arise and that we are qualified to do (not including parts).